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2022 Proven Breeding Does for Sale

We are Sold out of our 2022 Pygora kids this year

Lisa Roskopf
Phone: (503) 539-0295
Website: www.hawksmtnranch.com
51920 S.W. Dundee Road  Gaston OR 97119

Note: Prices subject to change except for animals already sold, reserved or on hold status waiting for deposit.  

2022 Proven Pygora Does Sales List
in order by Kid's ID number

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Doe status:
On hold  = For 10 days pending down payment received
Reserved =  25% Down payment received
Sold = Remaining balance paid in full and left for new home

10% quantity discount for 3 or more Does
10% 4-H discount on any one Doe
Proven Breeding Pygora Does Available
All these Does kidded this year and raised happy and health kids.
These proven Does are sold as unbred but we would be happy to recommend Pygora farms that offer stud services this Fall.

Contact me for any questions you may have at: Lisa@hawksmtnranch.com  
Proven Doe ID#  Gender  Year Born   Doe ready to leave  Doe Price 
Dam: HMR On A Whim

Body color: Black Agouti
Fleece color:  Brown
Fleece type:  B
PBA#:  20-100F
Female 2020 After 6/10/22 $495
Dam: HMR Whim

Color: Solid Black with Brown
Fleece type B
PBA #: 19-126F 
Female 2019 After 6/2/22 $495
Dam: HMR Chantilly

Color: White
Fleece type: A
PBA#:  18-83F
Female 2018 After 6/20/22 $495
Dam: HMR Vivian

Color: Brown Agouti & White
Fleece type: B
PBA#: 18-81F
Female 2018 After 6/5/22 $495
Dam: HMR Brown Onyx
Pygora goats at www.hawksmtnranch.com
Brown Agouti
PBA#:  18-82F
Female 2018 After 6/2/22 $495
Dam: Rose Marble

Color: Agouti & White
Fleece type: B
PBA#: 17-95F
Female 2017 After 6/2/22 $395
Dam: HMR Inka's Angel
Pygora goats at www.hawksmtnranch.com
Type A fleece
PBA#:  16-40F
Female 2016 After 6/4/22 $395
Dam: HMR Chocolate Cupcake
Pygora goats at www.hawksmtnranch.com
Solid Black/Brown
Type B fleece
PBA#:  16-115F
Female 2016 After 6/2/22 $395
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Lisa Roskopf      51920 SW Dundee Road  Gaston, Oregon 97119         
Phone:  503-539-0295          Email:  lisa@hawksmtnranch.com