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Our Spring 2018
Pygora Kid List is now Online!

Lisa Roskopf

51920 S.W. Dundee Road
Gaston OR 97119

Phone: (503) 539-0295

E-Mail:  lisa@hawksmtnranch.com

Website:  www.hawksmtnranch.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/hawksmountainranch

Click HERE for our 2018 Pygora kids for sale list

Our 2018 kidding season is now complete with lots of baby Pygora goats hopping and skipping all over the pasture.  What a colorful sight to see!  We have put together our kid list with up-to-date photos and descriptions of each baby.  We have a designated Herd Health day each week where we round up all or a partial group of goats and have a "To Do List" for that day.  Each of our kids go through many check points to ensure you are getting the best and most accurate information on all of our kids we offer for sale.  From adorable pet-quality kids, to real show stoppers, we have it all.

 Our Pygora doelings and bucklings that are sold as breeding stock, and our non-breeding stock wethers (neutered males), come with a registration application and transfer of ownership form. They will be ready for permanent registration when they are in full fleece at, or around, 8 months of age.  We will be happy to assist you with the registration process if you have any questions. 

If you plan to show your goat kids before they come into full fleece, the PBA has a pre-registration process available and then when they come into their full fleece, around 8 months of age, they will be eligible for permanent registration.  You can find detailed info for the registration process at the PBA website at:  www.pba-pygora.org  Of course, we would also be happy to assist you with the registration process.

Our after-sale customer support is just one of the many benefits we have to offer when you purchase animals from us.   

We offer a 10% discount on a purchase of 3-5 kids or 15% for 6 or more.  

25% down will reserve your kids with the balance due before pick up or delivery is made.

Delivery is available by air or by trailer, ask us for details at:  lisa@hawksmtnranch.com

We offer a 10% discount on a purchase of 3-5 kids or 15% for 6 or more kids.  

25% down will reserve your kids with the remaining balance due before pick up or delivery is made.

Delivery is available after weaning time either by air as soon as end of June thru July depending on the kids birthdate, or by trailer on our annual Fall cross country delivery trip or as soon as our trailer fills up, ask us for details at:  lisa@hawksmtnranch.com

Click here for more info on how to get on our pre-deposit list for 2019

Note:  Doeling = female     Buckling = Intact Male     Wether = Neutered Male

Note:  Prices subject to change except for animals already sold, reserved or on hold status waiting for deposit.  

Attention all 4-H and FFA members~

We would like to show our appreciation and support for our future generation of young shepherds by offering any enrolled 4H/FFA member a discount on any one of our Pygora kids listed on our sales list.   Contact us for more info.

Note:  Must be an active 4-H or FFA member to receive discount.  We also ask that you send us a short letter or e-mail about your 4-H or FFA group and include what activities you have planned for your Pygora project. 

Anyone, including non-PBA members, have free access to all the registered Pygora pedigrees at the ONLINE PYGORA BREEDERS ASSOCATION HERD BOOK

To get your FREE access code, simply e-mail the PBA Registrar at: pbaregistrar@aol.com 

Our herd tests negative for CAE, CLA, Tuberculosis, Brucellosis, and Johne's disease.  We are also a foot rot free herd

 This website and it's contents including all text, photos and graphics, are copyright of Hawks Mountain Ranch  2018   Please request permission for use of any of it's contents. Thank you!!