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Helpful Magazines, Books, Supply Catalogs
for raising Fiber Goats

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Suggested books, magazines and catalogs
for raising fiber goats and their products

I have put together this list of books, magazines, and catalogs that I have on hand and find useful in raising my Pygora goats.  Some information is written about sheep but applies to goats as well.

I hope you find this information helpful in raising your own Pygoras--Lisa

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    Pygora specific information

    Pygora Goat Management Booklet - Chris Utterback
    Great for 1st time Pygora goat owners and children.

    Shear Delight DVD- Chris Utterback
    Wonderful video focused on how to harvest fleece from the Pygora.
    (Contact us for copies available for sale)

    Pygora Fiber Fun Book-Chris Utterback
    All about Pygora fiber.   


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    Books on raising goats:

    Beginning Shepherd's Manual - Smith

    Colored Sheep and Wool - Kent Erskine
    (The Proceedings of the World Congress on Coloured Sheep U.S.A 1989)

    Diseases and Disorders of the Sheep and Goats - Linklater & Smith

    Diseases of the Goat - John Matthews

    Farm Livestock - Graham Boatfield

    Field Guide to Plants Poisonous to Livestock-Western U.S.  -  Shirley A. Weathers

    GOATS of the World - Valerie Porter

    Herbal Recipes for Farm Animals - Diana manseau

    Lambing Problems - Laura Lawson

    Managing your Ewe and her Newborn Lambs - Laura Lawson

    Merck's Veterinary Manual

    Missouri Grazing Manual - University of Missouri-Columbia

    The Modern Shepherd - Brown & Meadowcroft

    Outline of Clinical Diagnosis in Sheep - Wright

    Practical Lambing - Eales & Small
    (Book is from England and has some good photos)

    Pygora Goat Management Booklet - Chris Utterback
    (Great for 1st time Pygora goat owners and children. 

    Pygora Fiber Fun Book - Chris Utterback
    All about Pygora fiber and it's uses

    Raising Sheep the Modern Way - Paula Simmons

    The Sheep Book - Parker

    Sheep and Goat Science - Ensminger & Parker

    Sheep Ailments - Eddie Straiton
    (Book is from England and has some very good photos)

    Sheep Housing and Equipment Handbook - Iowa State University

    The Sheep Raisers Manual - William Kreusi

    SID Sheep Production Handbook - American Sheep Industry Association

    Showing Sheep-A selecting, raising, fitting and showing guide- Laura Lawson

    The Veterinary Book for Sheep Farmers -Henderson

    Your Sheep, A kid's guide to raising & showing - Simmons & Salsbury

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    Goat and Sheep Magazines:

    Black Sheep Newsletter
    25455 N.W. Dixie Mtn Rd.
    Scappoose, OR 97056

    NW Regional Spinners Association (NWRSA)
    2630 S. 226th C303
    Seattle, WA 98198
    Phone:  360-825-1634


    The Capital Press Newspaper
    1400 Broadway NE
    Salem, OR 97303
    Phone:  1-800-882-6789

    United Caprine News
    P.O. Box 328
    Crowley, Texas 76036
    Phone: 817-297-3411
    Fax: 817-297-4101

    Pygora Breeders Association Newsletter
    538 Lamson Road
    Lysander, NY 13027
    Website:  www.pba-pygora.com 


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    Catalogs for veterinary supplies &  equipment:

    Bradley's Plastic Bag Company
    (clear plastic bags for storing sheep fleeces)
    9130 Firestone Blvd.
    Downey, California 90241
    Phone:  1-800-621-7864

    Hoegger Supplies

    Foster & Smith
    (mainly for cat & dog supplies but has inexpensive syringes & needles)
    2253 Air Park Road
    Rhinelander, WI 54501
    Phone:  1-800-826-7206

    (Vet supplies)
    P.O. Box 100
    Dothan, AL 36302
    Phone:  1-800-533-3377

    (Great for tattooing supplies)
    396 Berkley Avenue
    Ottawa, Ontario Canada K2A 2G6
    Phone:  613-722-3451
    E-mail:  ketchum@sympatico.ca
    Website:  www.ketchum.on.ca

    Livestock Concepts
    601 8th St.
    Hawarden, IA 51023
    Phone:  1-800-225-7399

    Mid-States Livestock Supplies
    9449 basil-West Rd. NW
    Canal Winchester, Ohio 43110
    Phone:  1-800-841-9665

    Nasco Catalog
    (Mail order animal supplies)

    Phone:  1-800-558-9595
    4825 stoddard Rd.
    Modesto, California 95356

    Pipestone Veterinary Supply
    (Animal supplies)
    1300 So. Hwy. 75 \ P.O. Box 188
    Pipestone, MN 56164
    Phone:  1-800-658-2523
    Website:  www.pipevet.com

    (Animal Equipment)
    2031 300th Street
    Washington, Iowa 52353
    Phone:  1-800-282-6631

    Sheepman Supply Company
    14502 Old gordonsville Road
    Orange, VA 22960
    Phone:  1-800-336-3005
    E-mail:  sheepman@ns.gemlink.com
    Website:  www.gemlink.com/sheepman

    Sheepy Hollow Ranch
    (Animal equipment, goa/sheep stanchion)
    Chuck and Sharon Dorisi
    Phone:  208-263-4426
    P.O. Box 401
    95 Woody Way
    Sagle, ID 83860

    (Animal equipment, show feeders, mineral feeders)
    46935 SD Hwy. 50
    Burbank, SD 57010
    Phone:  605-624-4538
    E-mail:  sydell@sydell.com
    Website:  www.sydell.com

    Wiggins & Associates Inc.
    (Goat and Sheep supplies,shearing repair, & blade sharpening)
    503 S.W. Victoria Court
    Gresham, OR 97080
    Phone:  503-667-0716
    Toll Free Phone:  800-600-0716
    Fax:  503-667-4701
    Website:  www.springwateranimalsupply.com

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    Spinning and Weaving magazines:

    Interweave Press, Inc.
    201 East fourth Street
    Loveland, Colorado 80537
    Phone:  907-669-7672
    Subscription:  $21/year

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    Books on wool, spinning & fiber arts:

    Black Sheep Newletter Companion -Sachiye Jones

    Colored Sheep and Wool - Kent Erskine
    (The proceedings of the World Congress on Coloured Sheep U.S.A. 1989)

    Fibre Facts - Bette Hochberg

    Handspinners Handbook - Bette Hochberg

    High Whorling - Priscilla Gibson-Roberts
    (Excellent book on drop spindles)

    In Sheep's Clothing - Nola & Jane Fournier
    (Check out page 134 about Icelandic wool)

    New directions for felt an ancient craft -Gunilla Pactau Sjoberg

    Practical Lambing and Lamb Care - Eales & Small

    Spinning - Lee Raven
    (Great beginner spinning book)

    Turning wool into a Cottage Industry - Paula Simmons
    (Check out page 162 about Woodland Woolworks)

    Wool Fibers - Diane Betts

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    Spinning and Weaving Catalogs:

    Woodland Woolworks

    E-mail:  woolwrks@teleport.com


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    Lambing School:

    Oregon State University
    Corvallis, Oregon
    Lambing School
    Phone:  541-737-1908

    Each year, Oregon State University holds a lambing school during the time their sheep are lambing in mid-February.  It is a very intense lecture class along with "hands in" experience.  I recommend this to course to anyone that either has goats or sheep already or is thinking about getting them.  It always helps to get a refresher before lambing season begins.

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    Video Tapes and DVD's:

    Shear Delight DVD- Chris Utterback
    Wonderful video focused on how to harvest fleece from the Pygora.  

    Spinning Exotic Fibers & Novelty Yarns-Judith MacKenzie

    Lambing Time Management-Don Bailey, D.V.M & Woody Lane, Ph.D
    This is a series of 3 video tapes that are excellent for the first time shepherd and as a refresher for the experienced shepherd year after year.

    Tape 1-The Pre-lambing Period
    Tape 2-Lambing
    Tape 3-The Post-Lambing Period

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    Fun Books for Kids and Adults Alike:

    It's Hard to Look Cool When Your Car's Full of Sheep - Roger Pond

    Things that go "Baa!" in the Night - Roger Pond

    Buddhism for Sheep - Louise Howard


    Fiber Micron Testing:

    Yocom-McColl-For individual animal fiber diameter measurement
    540 West Elk Place
    Denver, CO 80216
    Phone:  303-294-9582

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